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The accelerated growth in students entering higher education institutions (HEIs) has been shadowed by the rise in inequality and limitations of access. HEIs are facing mounting pressure to increase the empowerment and retention of students from underrepresented demographic groups. At a national level, policy is in place and requires strategic interventions to enrol more students from these backgrounds.

Event Overview

The Fees Must Fall campaign shed light on growing concerns surrounding inclusive education and their impact on how HEIs achieve inclusive excellence. The inaugural Equity, Access & Inclusive Excellence in Higher Education Conference offers a unique platform to establish and implement resolutions to combat existing imbalances and fragmentations in higher education institutions.

This 3-day conference will provide insight into the roles HEIs play in managing social inequalities and the demands for access to higher education while addressing the issues of providing impartial access whilst ensuring quality education. Managing the expectations of stakeholders is crucial especially when determining key considerations for creating policies that factor in the culture and demography of those who are currently excluded.

This is an opportunity to delve into the issues surrounding social obligations and social justice and implications of growth in participation and enrolments on the higher education system. By examining the increase in enrolments, attendees will identify the inadequacies and inequalities that have come as a result. Discussions will also highlight the widening gap in academic capacity to provide quality education. Join us in July 2017, as we examine trends and seek solutions creating learning communities that allow students to thrive and achieve educational outputs.

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