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Whilst global growth over the next 4 years is fore-casted to be slightly above six percent, there is even more promise from the emerging markets in general, with Africa, in particular, expected to enjoy a nine percent growth.

This growth, according to Smithers Pira, viewed in terms both market share and technological advancements, is mostly due to increased prices for durable bank notes with premium security features and a surge in the demand for tax stamps, with the most marked growth being experienced in RFID and coding, Inks and DOVIDs technologies.

This advance defines both threats and opportunities for government agencies, reserve banks, investors, printers, consumers and other stakeholders in this market. Whilst we are seeing rapid improvements and innovations on the technological end, some of the more apparent challenges are the need for state printers to expand their businesses beyond state projects in order to remain profitable; and there is a consistently rapid movement by fraudsters and counterfeiters to try and keep up with or overtake the market security technology. This by default, defines challenges for security agencies and the rest of the industry as everyone seeks the best security solutions the industry has to offer. The one question to answer is: does the market have cost effective, impregnable and long term solutions available for the end user, and what developments does the future propose for high security printing needs?

Benefits of attending:

  • Engage in peer analyses of the anticipated market growth and implied opportunities for the growth of and investment in high security printing, especially in emerging markets;
  • Addressing the challenges and opportunities in dealing with complex security issues and enabling brand production, protection and distribution of security documents;
  • Development of an up-to date understanding of security printing as a science and its modern-day implications on world economies, national security and social liberties with a view of the direction in which the involved technologies are developing;
  • Trace recent innovations, inventions and the latest industry solutions, and participate in a critical assessment of forensic analysis requirements, enhanced ink and media systems, document traceability technologies, software solutions and other potential avenues to enhance product and document security;
  • A business Case Discussion - Education and information equipment of industry players, including technologists at all levels in the supply chain of security printing of the difficulties as well as viability options of combining digital and physical security on an application specific basis.
  • Monitor the most recent (2016/7) economic and social push factors towards a rapidly growing demand for physical and document identification security by unveiling the latest advancements in digital printing and associated technologies for incorporating security features.
  • Explore new frontiers, modern efficiencies and contemporary methodologies to ensure continued sustainability and profitability for industry players as well as identifying new opportunities for both existing and new non-traditional players.
  • Meet other globally influential minds and thought leaders within the industry and develop high net-worthy networks with both product suppliers and buyers in the market, policy makers, technology experts and academics, and relevant top-level industry analysts and consultants in a world-class city environment.
  • Strategically position your organization for an exciting future through a revelatory discussion and presentation of top disruptive technologies that are set to change the future of security printing.

To immediately book your place at this course, contact me as soon as possible on tel.: +27 (0) 11 341 1000. I look forward to confirming your participation. 



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