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Cyber Security has, of late, been one of the biggest concerns within organizations globally. The effect of a cyber breach can potentially cripple an organization and send their reputation into a tail-spin.. In a hack in 2014, for example, eBay had the personal information of more than 145 million users stolen, including login credentials and physical addresses.

 Event Overview

It cost the company over $200 million. In the same year, Russian hackers stole the information of over 76 million client accounts from JP Morgan. The cost to the bank is estimated at $1bn, despite spending a $250m annual budget on cyber security. With cyberattacks being listed as the sixth biggest risk to businesses currently, organizations are scrambling to begin updating their processes, software and systems to secure valuable data and information.

Challenges are continuously arising in the field however, and departments are struggling to keep up with the constant onslaught of evolving threats. It has been deemed imperative that the IT and Security department work integrated into various other departments including risk and finance to counteract the risk of attack. It has evolved into the need for the Board have a hands-on role in mitigating the risks of cyberattacks.

This event shall be covering the role of the organization in predicting, managing and overcoming the risks of cyber- attacks. The summit will bring together experts, specialists and thought leaders to unpack the details of what goes into securing the organization. Not only will the stage host thought-leaders in the industry, but attendees shall hear from the penetration specialists and experts dealing with potential threats on a daily basis. Delegates can look forward to interactive case studies, thought-provoking discussions and the latest trends in the industry. What does the inside of a security system look like? How easy is it to get into a “protected system? The summit shall answer all of these questions and more!

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